Wright Paynes

This theme features the work of Made With Color user and Los Angeles artist Garret Hayes.


No material is safe when it comes to the dynamic and inventive sculptures of Garrett Hayes. Trained originally as a ceramist, Hayes takes the technical know-how of the world of ceramics and combines it with both found and hand made objects to create shrine like sculptures that are full of disparate materials, surfaces, and textures. His work is a collage of the odd and the ordinary, becoming totemic shrines to anything and nothing in particular.

About his use of materials Hayes states:

These things have all become relics: remnants from time, nature and life, now united in sculpture.  They are collected specifically for my desire to see that artifact live on in the new context of my choosing.  I consider myself the savior of these things.  Without me, they would sit hidden on shelves, end up in the dump, rot away completely, or some other variation on the fate of discarded objects.  So, I collect; cut, burn, suspend, stain, paint, sand, wax and sometimes I do nothing.  I stack, attach, drape, stretch and alter.  I make the pieces that blend in and stick out.  Putting on display things that never were intended to be displayed the way they now exist.